Our Facility


  • All individual runs are completely covered with heated bedding compartments. Dogs are free to go inside or out as they please. We do not crate our animals!
  • The inside area is specially suited for those pampered little ones. Inside dogs are handwalked a minimum of five times daily inside our facility.


  • Our feline guests have their own separate cattery where things are kept cheerful, well lit and comfortable.
  • Large exercise units are available.
  • Emergency Veterinary care is available 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event that the need arises, the services of your personal vet will be obtained.


Monday through Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am-noon
We are closed Sundays and on major holidays.

For your convenience the kennel is open for arrivals, departures and inspection during normal business hours.